Top 7 World Biggest Givers

It is good to see (and is now becoming very popular), that some of the richest people in the World are also the biggest givers as philanthropists. It seems that once your reach the top of your career and amassed a large amount of money, this is the normal (and very nice next move). According to Forbes, there are 19 people that donated at least $1 billion each to charities or foundations (some of them already gave away more money than what they are worth today). From that list, these are the Top 7  Biggest Givers in the World. We hope that many other people find causes inspiring enough to keep this list growing, not only in money but also in number of members:

1. Bill Gates

Country: U.S.

Donations: $28 billion

Net worth: $56 billion

Early on Gates dabbled in different areas, giving money to Harvard’s computer science department, libraries, pilot high schools and local Seattle charities. His giving really took off in 1999, when he funded his family foundation with $16 billion in Microsoft stock. Since then, with further contributions from Gates and pal Warren Buffett, the foundation has become the preeminent philanthropic institution in the world. Among its main initiatives: It will spend $10 billion over the next 10 years on vaccines. In the U.S., education–teacher training in particular–is its main project.

2. Warren Buffett

Country: U.S.

Donations: $8.3 billion

Net worth: $50 billion

For many years Buffett insisted he would give all his money away at his death, but not before. He had a change of heart, and in 2006 made a pledge to give more than $30 billion over 20 years to the Gates Foundation. In 2010 he turned over $1.9 billion. Perhaps even more notably, he teamed with Gates last year to create the Giving Pledge, which has signed up 69 wealthy individuals and families to commit to giving the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.

3. George Soros

Country: U.S.

Donations: $8 billion

Net worth: $14.5 billion

An eclectic giver has doled out $8 billion since 1979, backing causes as diverse as clean-needle clinics in California and scientific research in Russia to helping the Roma, or Gypsies, in Eastern Europe. Through his Open Society, he has given $1.7 billion to human rights causes and to help promote democracy. Another $1.6 billion has gone to education.

4. Gordon Moore

Country: U.S.

Donations: $6.8 billion

Net worth: $4 billion

The Intel cofounder and former CEO handed over $6 billion in stock to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in 2000. The foundation focuses on science, environmental conservation and nursing education. The last category was the brainchild of Moore’s wife’s Betty, who once received the wrong injection from a nurse in the hospital. Moore is also partially funding the construction of the world’s biggest telescope; it’s in Hawaii, where he lives part-time.

5. Carlos Slim Helú

Country: Mexico

Donations: $4 billion

Net worth: $74 billion

World’s richest man has publicly stated that he feels more good can be done from creating jobs than from band-aid charitable giving. Yet it turns out he gave $2 billion, mostly from dividends, to his Carlos Slim Foundation in 2006, and $2 billion in 2010. Most of its programs are focused on digital education and health. A $100 million gift to the Clinton Initiative project is helping pay for 50 000 cataract surgeries in Peru. With the Gates Foundation and the government of Spain, it’s spending $150 million on nutrition and disease prevention in Central America.

6. George Kaiser

Country: U.S.

Donations: $4 billion

Net worth: $9.8 billion

“It is the government’s responsibility to ensure at birth that every child has the same opportunity. But that is a hoax at this point,” says Kaiser. “With what we know, it is morally offensive not to act.” Tulsa’s wealthiest man has acted by funding his George Kaiser Family Foundation with $4 billion over the past decade. It spends millions a year on medical clinics across Tulsa, helping women get off drugs, improving Tulsa’s public schools, and developing early childhood education centers. His National Energy Policy Institute investigates ways to wean the U.S. off foreign oil.

7. Eli Broad

Country: U.S.

Donations: $2.6 billion

Net worth: $5.8 billion

Broad, who made two fortunes, first as a homebuilder and later in the insurance-annuities industry, has lately been focused on philanthropy. He has tried to reform public education by giving awards to individual educators. Last year he got approval to build a museum in Los Angeles. His foundation also helps fund medical research; it has given more than half a billion dollars for a stem cell research institute at Harvard and M.I.T.

Source: Forbes

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