Top 7 World Football Teams – February 2011

Every month, FIFA announces the ranking of the World Best Teams. Starting this month, we will be posting the ranking published by FIFA on February 2, 2011, with the Top 7 Wold Football Teams, in this case referring to February 2011:

1. Spain

Highest FIFA ranking

1 – July 2008. From January 2009 to June 2009, from November 2009 to December 2009, from February 2010 to March 2010, March 2010, from July 2010 to December 2010, from January 2011 to February 2011

Lowest FIFA Ranking

25 – March 1998

2. Netherlands

Highest FIFA ranking

2 – November 1993. June 1994, From September 2005 to October 2005, June 2009, from July 2010 to December 2010, from January 2011 to February 2011

Lowest FIFA Ranking

25 – February 1998

3. Germany

Highest FIFA ranking

1 – December 1992. August 1993, December 1993, From February 1994 to March 1994, June 1994

Lowest FIFA Ranking

22 – March 2006

4. Brazil

Highest FIFA ranking

1 – September 1993. From April 1994 to May 1994, July 1994, from September 1994 to December 1994, February 1995, from April 1995 to December 1995, from January 1996 to February 1996, from April 1996 to May 1996, from July 1996 to December 1996, February 1997, from April 1997 to December 1997, from February 1998 to May 1998, from July 1998 to December 1998, from January 1999 to December 1999, from January 2000 to December 2000, from January 2001 to April 2001, from July 2002 to December 2002, from January 2003 to December 2003, from January 2004 to December 2004, from January 2005 to December 2005, from January 2006 to May 2006, from July 2006 to December 2006, January 2007, from July 2007 to August 2007, from July 2009 to October 2009, from April 2010 to May 2010

Lowest FIFA Ranking

8 – August 1993

5. Argentina

Highest FIFA ranking

1 – March 2007. From January 2008 to June 2008

Lowest FIFA Ranking

24 – August 1996

6. England

Highest FIFA ranking

4 – December 1997. September 2006

Lowest FIFA Ranking

27 – February 1996

7. Uruguay

Highest FIFA ranking

6 – July 2010

Lowest FIFA Ranking

76 – December 1998

Source: FIFA
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Top 7 Celebrities in 2010

Last year was really crazy for Lady Gaga, certainly one of the most controversial artists to date. Nevertheless, she is not yet the Most Powerful Celebrity in 2010. Oprah Winfrey takes back her crown while pop chart phenomenon catapults to No. 4 on this year’s ranking of the richest and most powerful actors, actresses and musicians. Let’s find out who are the other ones who made the Top 7 List for Most Powerful Celebrities in 2010:

1. Oprah Winfrey

2009 Rank: 2

Power Rank: 1

Pay:  $315 million

Category: Personalities

Pay Rank: 1

Web Rank: 5

Press Rank: 5

TV / Radio Rank: 1

Social Rank: 11

News that this coming season of The Oprah Winfrey Show will be her last helped the self-made billionaire garner more media attention than any other member of the Celebrity 100. Her Harpo production company, which spawned the careers of Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz, will introduce interior designer Nate Berkus this fall. Months later, the list’s top-earner will add the lifestyle-themed Oprah Winfrey Network in partnership with Discovery Communications to her media empire.

2. Beyoncé Knowles

2009 Rank: 4

Power Rank: 2

Pay: $87 million

Category: Musicians

Pay Rank: 11

Web Rank: 2

Press Rank: 13

TV / Radio Rank: 9

Social Rank: 15

One half of the most famous couple in hip-hop, Beyoncé continues to expand her business empire beyond music. Endorsement deals with companies ranging from Nintendo to L’Oreal and her growing House of Dereon fashion line bring in millions of dollars per year on top of the $86 million she grossed from a 93-stop world tour.

3. James Cameron

2009 Rank: No Rank

Power Rank: 3

Pay: $210 million

Category: Directors / Producers

Pay Rank: 2

Web Rank: 20

Press Rank: 9

TV / Radio Rank: 21

Social Rank: 81

As the director of the highest grossing film of all time, Cameron is definitely “king of the world.” Avatar has earned $2.7 billion at the box office alone and has changed the way Hollywood makes films. In the near future almost every studio blockbuster will be released in 3-D. Cameron is already at work on Avatar 2.

4. Lady Gaga

2009 Rank: No Rank

Power Rank: 4

Pay: $62 million

Category: Musicians

Pay Rank: 22

Web Rank: 1

Press Rank: 4

TV / Radio Rank: 13

Social Rank: 1

A newcomer to the Celebrity 100, Lady Gaga broke down the door to fame with outlandish outfits and quirky videos, including one that featured her and Beyoncé poisoning an unappreciative boyfriend. Bringing in an estimated $31 million with a 106-date tour that grossed $95 million, Lady Gaga is also a marketer’s dream, teaming up with Polaroid, Virgin Mobile, Monster Cable and Viva Glam.

5. Tiger Woods

2009 Rank: 5

Power Rank: 5

Pay: $105 million

Category: Athletes

Pay Rank: 7

Web Rank: 35

Press Rank: 6

TV / Radio Rank: 7

Social Rank: 34

Tiger Woods’ fall from global sports icon to tabloid fodder was stunning. He saw Accenture, AT&T and Pepsi drop him as a pitchman, but he remains the highest-paid athlete in the world thanks to huge deals with Nike, Electronic Arts and Upper Deck. Nike built a $650 million (sales) golf business from scratch on Woods’ back. His fledgling golf course design business has been hurt by the economic downturn, as all three courses he’s worked on have experienced major delays.

6. Britney Spears

2009 Rank: 13

Power Rank 6

Pay: $64 million

Category: Musicians

Pay Rank: 20

Web Rank: 3

Press Rank: 24

TV / Radio Rank: 15

Social Rank: 2

Not long ago, most of the entertainment world had written Britney Spears off as a celebrity flameout. But over the last year Spears logged the fifth highest-grossing tour in the world, bringing in $130 million in gross box office receipts by playing 98 dates. High-profile endorsement deals with Elizabeth Arden and Candies’ prove that the public expects Spears to stay in the spotlight for good.

7. U2

2009 Rank: No Rank

Power Rank: 7

Pay: $130.0 million

Category: Musicians

Pay Rank: 3

Web Rank: 11

Press Rank: 18

TV / Radio Rank: 54

Social Rank: 28

The world’s biggest rock band, U2 launched a massive world tour in 2009 that has brought in more than $311 million in gross box office receipts. Each tour stop brings in $10 million in gross ticket sales. Add in lucrative merchandise sales, heavy radio play and a steady-selling back catalog, and you have the highest-earning band on the planet.

Source: Forbes
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Top 7 Most Exclusive Neighborhoods in the World

Lately, we were hearing some news about “La Finca”, the neighborhood where Cristiano Ronaldo, José Mourinho and Carlos Sanz, among others, live in Madrid, considering it one of the more exclusive neighborhoods in Europe, and in the world. This brought my curiosity in investigate more about this topic, to find out that “La Finca” is not one of the most exclusives. Here you can check the Top 7 Neighborhoods in the World:

1. Kensington Palace Gardens

Location: London, England

Average home price: $85 million

Tucked between Kensington High Street and Notting Hill, this half-mile street is London’s crowning jewel of residential excess. Even the richest Londoners secretly seethe at the regal mansions that line the street, since few are actually owned by Brits — Middle Eastern and Swiss tycoons have grabbed first dibs. Strangely, the turnover of many homes is high, signaling that these aren’t really homes, but rather fleeting investments.

What not to miss: House number 18-19, billed at more than $160 million, is London’s single most expensive house.

2. Jupiter Island

Location: Florida, USA

Average home price: $5.6 million

Forty minutes from glitzy Palm Beach lies this little enclave that has been rated by Forbes as the most expensive ZIP code in the United States. Not surprisingly, this community of mansions linked to yacht clubs and golf courses, which flank a 17-mile-long beach, has been the home to some of America’s — and the world’s — richest families. Among its most illustrious denizens are President Truman’s Secretary of Defense Robert A. Lovett, and former President George H.W. Bush.

What not to miss: A boat trip past the Intercoastal Waterway beaches is scenic and relaxing.

3. Belle Haven

Location: Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

Average home price: $5 million

Seeking small-town solace, New York’s brokers and mutual funds wizards relocated to this New England refuge with clean streets, lush parks, golf courses, yacht clubs, and an awesome beach. The harbor is dotted with boutiques that buzz with activity in the summer. And only a 50-minute commute away from downtown Manhattan, it’s the perfect getaway for the world’s most stressed businessmen. Belle Haven, the city’s wealthiest neighborhood, has no houses selling for under $3 million.

What not to miss: The Homestead Inn, a luxury inn and restaurant, is known for offering the best dining experience in New England.

4. Pacific Heights

Location: San Francisco, California

Average home price: $4.5 million

With a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay, Pacific Heights is home to San Francisco’s first families and accomplished artists and businessmen. Tourists to the Bay Area flock in droves to catch glimpses of the ber-refined locals strolling in and out of Fillmore Street’s swank shops and cafes, and returning to their Victorian mansions. In July, Pacific Heights hosts the largest jazz festival (Fillmore Street Jazz Festival) on the West Coast — a must-see.

What not to miss: The steps between Broadway and Lyon, tucked between mansions and the Presidio, offer the classic Pacific Heights experience: a view of the Palace of Fine Arts with the Bay in the background.

5.Victoria Peak

Location: Hong Kong, China

Average home price: $3.5 million

“The Peak,” for those in the know, is the top visitor spot in Hong Kong thanks to its altitude, which offers an unparalleled view of the bustling port city. The neighborhood is dominated by the Peak Tower, a wok-shaped structure housing multiple shops and entertainment venues, such as Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Odditorium and Madame Tussauds wax museum. A stone’s throw away, you’ll find picturesque nature walks through Victoria Peak Gardens.

What not to miss: A ride on the Peak Tram, where a panoramic view of the city from above attracts six million people a year.

6.Sea Island

Location: Georgia, USA

Average home price: $2.23 million

For generations, its natural beauty has attracted America’s ultra-rich, who habitually rent the island’s vast cottages in the peak seasons. The upscale character of Sea Island is underscored by colorful buildings and luxurious homes designed by Addison Mizner, as well as golf courses known the world over. Nature lovers can stroll through the misty woods, which are as close to enchanted forests as they come. Athletic travelers will enjoy kayaking, boating, fishing, and horseback riding.

What not to miss: Clay shooting at the 70-year-old shooting school.

7.Shibuya Neighborhood

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Average home price: $1.8 million

Shibuya, in west Tokyo, is a newer shopping and entertainment district abuzz with bright lights that attract Japan’s ultra-trendy like moths to a flame. You’ll find Japan’s Olympic stadium and dizzyingly huge department stores, which beckon even the staunchest non-consumer. The NHK studios (Japan’s public television and radio broadcaster) are also a great site, offering tons of attractions for visitors.

What not to miss: The statue of Hachiko, the small dog who faithfully awaited his dead master’s return to the subway station every day for 11 years.

Source: AskMen
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Top 7 Americans Billionaires in the Making

This week I published a post for the Top 7 American Billionaires in 2010. But in this changing world, this list may be very different for 2011, so I believe it would be interesting to know who would be the next billionaires in America?

1. Sean Parker

Source of wealth: Facebook

Estimated net worth: $920 million

Cofounder of Napster and Plaxo, Parker was the Silicon Valley veteran who joined Facebook in 2004 as its founding president and helped it navigate initial funding. He left in 2005 for venture capital but still has a 4% stake. Justin Timberlake plays Parker in the film The Social Network.

2. Mark Pincus

Source of wealth: Zynga

Estimated net worth: $850 million

Love-him-or-hate-him leader of Internet’s most popular gaming site, Zynga, named for his late bulldog. Pincus’ fourth startup, it grosses some $500 million from virtual goods and promotions with 7-Eleven, Target, MTV. “FarmVille,” “FrontierVille” and “Zynga Poker” are its most popular games.

3. Jerry Bruckheimer

Source of wealth: Movies, TV

Estimated net worth: $850 million

The Hollywood producer’s blockbuster franchises, like Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure, have generated $9 billion at the global box office, with more to come. TV hits include the CSI franchise, Without a Trace and Amazing Race.

4. Jerry Seinfeld

Source of wealth: Television

Estimated net worth: $800 million

His TV show about nothing has earned $2.7 billion in 12 years and could take in $200 million more a year, thanks to syndication payments. Seinfeld has spent some of his portion buying up New York real estate and has a four-car garage (in Manhattan!) for his fleet of vintage motors. The cash-rich star may need another hit: The Marriage Ref wasn’t it.

5. Eric Lefkofsky

Source of wealth: Groupon

Estimated net worth: $750 million

Chicago investor is cofounder and 30% owner of the fastest-growing company ever, Web phenom Groupon, which updates its online audience about deep discounts on products and services. His venture fund, Lightbank, has stakes in 11 companies, including two now public ones: Innerworkings and Echo Global Logistics. As for being outed as an almost-billionaire: “It’s a good thing and a bad thing.”

6. William Ackman

Source of wealth: Hedge Fund

Estimated net worth: $700 million

Ackman may get control of Manhattan’s giant apartment complex Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village. His Pershing Square Capital Management, with a partner, picked up $300 million of its junior debt and launched a foreclosure proceeding, but they may get beaten out by more senior creditors. A judge is set to rule soon. Whatever happens, the hedge fund tycoon has raised his profile.

7. Dennis Gillings

Source of wealth: Quintiles

Estimated net worth: $700 million

Gillings founded privately held Quintiles, to which the drug industry outsources clinical trials. With $2.8 billion in annual revenue, it is the largest and most influential company in its field.

Source: Forbes

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Top 7 Most Visited Cities in the World

Once we talked about the Top 7 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms and the Top 7 Most Spoken Languages, it would be nice to know which are the Top 7 most visited cities in the world by international visitors (according to 2009 official numbers):

1. Paris, France

14.8 million visitors

Paris is the most visited city in the world and is full of great tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe as well as great restaurants and hotels. Paris is a romantic city that draws in enough tourist money that 6.2% of the cities workforce is employed in tourism.

2. London, UK

14.1 million visitors

London is the 2nd most visited city in the world at 14.1 million visitors who come to see such great sites as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. London is also one of the financial capitals of the world which also brings international visitors into the city on business trips which keeps London’s fine restaurants and hotels filled.

3. Singapore, Singapore

9.7 million visitors

Singapore is a world financial center and popular city with tourists. The city of Singapore has actively courted more visitors by legalizing gambling and allowing two casino resorts.

4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

9.11 million visitors

Kuala Lumpur is the 5th most visited city in the world and home to the magnificent Petronas Towers which were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998-2004.

5. Hong Kong, China

8.95 million visitors

When it comes to “East Meets West”, Hong Kong is the city. Vibrant and cosmopolitan, Honk Kong is considered one of the safest large cities in the world and the city with the best public transport in the world.

6. New York City, USA

8.7 million visitors

New York City would rank higher on this list but is a long plane flight for most visitors. You can see where most visitors to New York come from at Where International Visitors to New York city Come From and where most stay at 10 Largest Hotels in New York City.

7. Bangkok, Thailand

8.45 million visitors

Bangkok is the capital and financial capital of Thailand and is the most visited city in Asia at 10.2 million tourists per year. Big tourist attractions in Bangkok include the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

Source: Factoidz, Wikipedia, Vacationideas
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Top 7 American Billionaires in 2010

As part of a long tradition tradition Forbes magazine, in their Forbes 400 Lists, published at the end of last year the list for the richest people in America, and some of them appear in our Top 7 Richest People in the World in 2010 post. For 2010, the Top 7 Richest Americans are:

1. Bill Gates

Net worth: $54 billion

Age: 55

Title: Co-Chair

Organization: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Source: Microsoft, self-made

Residence: Medina, WA

Country of citizenship: United States

Education: Dropout, Harvard University

Marital Status: Married

Children: 3

2. Warren Buffett

Net worth $45 billion

Age: 80

Title: CEO

Organization: Berkshire Hathaway

Source: Berkshire Hathaway, self-made

Residence: Omaha, NE

Country of citizenship: United States

Education: MS, Columbia University; BA/BS, University of Nebraska Lincoln

Marital Status: Widowed, Remarried

Children: 3

3. Larry Ellison

Net worth: $27 billion

Age: 66

Source: Oracle, self-made

Residence: Woodside, CA

Country of citizenship: United States

Education: Dropout, University of Chicago; Dropout, University of Illinois at Urbana

Marital Status: Married

Children: 2

4. Christy Walton

Net worth: $24 billion

Age: 56

Source: Walmart, inherited

Residence: Jackson, WY

Country of citizenship: United States

Marital Status: Widow

Children: 1

5. Charles Koch (tie)

Net worth: $21.5 billion

Age: 75

Title: CEO

Organization: Koch Industries

Source: manufacturing, energy, inherited and growing

Residence: Wichita, KS

Country of citizenship: United States

Education: BA/BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Marital Status: Married

Children: 2

5. David Koch (tie)

Net worth: $21.5 billion

Age: 70

Title: Executive Vice President

Organization: Koch Industries

Source: manufacturing, energy, inherited and growing

Residence: New York, NY

Country of citizenship: United States

Education: BA/BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Marital Status: Married

Children: 3

7. Jim Walton

Net worth: $20.1 billion

Age: 63

Source: Walmart, inherited

Residence: Bentonville, AR

Country of citizenship: United States

Education: BA/BS, University of Arkansas

Marital Status: Married

Children: 4

Source: Forbes
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