Top 7 Highest Paid Actresses in 2010

Last month we publish the Top 7 Highest Paid Actors in 2010, and since we also made a list with the Top 7 highest paid athletes and female athletes, it wouldn’t be fair not to list the Top 7 best paid actress in 2010:

1. Sandra Bullock

$56 million

With two hit movies (The Proposal and The Blind Side) and an Oscar win, Bullock should have been sitting on top of the world. She is financially. With $56 million she’s the highest-earning actress. But a messy breakup with cheating husband Jesse James turned her into tabloid fodder. Bullock overcame adversity with news of an adoption and a return to public life at the MTV Movie Awards.

2. Reese Witherspoon

$32 million

Witherspoon’s face hasn’t been seen on the big screen since Christmas 2008, when she starred with Vince Vaughn in Four Christmases. She’ll return this holiday season with a new James Brooks comedy titled How Do You Know? co-starring Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson.

3.Cameron Diaz

$32 million

Thanks to her work in the Shrek films Diaz has a nice, steady income, but she also gets big bucks to appear in romantic films like the action comedy Knight & Day, co-starring Tom Cruise. Diaz also stars with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake as a foul-mouthed educator in the film Bad Teacher.

4.Jennifer Aniston

$27 million

Box-office stinkers like Love Happens and The Bounty Hunter can’t stop America’s sweetheart. Aniston still gets tons of press attention and decent-sized upfront paydays for romantic comedies like Just Go With It, co-starring Adam Sandler. Aniston also earns from Friends re-runs and a lucrative deal with Glaceau Smartwater.

5.Sarah Jessica Parker

$25 million

Between the TV series and movie franchise, Sex and the City will keep Parker in Manolos for years to come. The actress also has a successful line of perfumes that brought in $24 million the U.S. in 2009. Parker is now helping to design clothes for fashion label Halston.

6. Julia Roberts

$20 million

Roberts is no longer the draw she was in the days of movies like Erin Brockovich and Runaway Bride. Instead she is focusing on more personal movies like Eat Pray Love, based on the bestseller by Elizabeth Gilbert. Roberts will star opposite Tom Hanks for the second time in Larry Crowne, about a man reinventing himself.

7. Angelina Jolie

$20 million

The mom of six is a constant tabloid presence with 38 magazine covers in the last 12 months. She also makes movies. Jolie lost some ground this year because she didn’t have a new movie in our time frame. But she continues to cement her bankability with big thrillers like Salt and The Tourist, co-starring Johnny Depp.

Source: Forbes
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Top 7 Highest Paid Actors in 2010

Now that we are getting to the end of 2010, it would be nice to know who are the best paid Hollywood actors in 2010:

1. Johnny Depp

$75 million

Last year Johnny Depp made ‘only’ £18 million – making him the 10th-best-paid man in Hollywood, according to Forbes.

This year he’s topped the list, mainly thanks to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. With three films out next year and filming underway on the next Pirates of the Caribbean instalment, expect to see him near the top of the 2011 list as well.

2. Ben Stiller

$53 million

Comedy follow-up Night at the Museum 2 was Ben Stiller’s biggest film of the last 12 months, but far from the only thing the actor’s been involved in.

Another comedy franchise is back soon, with Little Fockers coming out in December, while The Marc Pease Experience and Greenberg have also hit our screens.

That was enough to make Ben Stiller £38 million, according to Forbes.

3. Tom Hanks

$45 million

In his mid-90s heyday Tom Hanks was Hollywood’s most-bankable star and he could be heading back to that summit.

Da Vinci Code follow-up Angels & Demons made more than $150 million (£96 million) while Toy Story 3 made more than $500 million (£319.5 million) from box office sales across the globe.

4. Adam Sandler

$40 million

Being funny is a serious business and Adam Sandler is near the top of the film-comedy tree.

His 2009 film, Funny People, made more than $50 million (£32 million), while 2010’s Grown Ups took more than $160 million (£102 million) at the box office.

Those films meant he made £26.6 million last year, according to Forbes.

5. Leonardo Di Caprio

$28 million

If you’re only going to make two films in a year, making Inception one of them is a very good plan. Critically acclaimed worldwide, the film made more than $300 million (£191.7 million) at the box office.

Of course, Leonardo Di Caprio’s other film of 2010 – Shutter Island – was no slouch either, bringing in $150 million (£96 million) worldwide.

Di Caprio was well-paid for his efforts, making £8.6 million, according to Forbes.

6. Daniel Radcliffe

$25 million

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has made hundreds of millions of pounds at the box office and netted Daniel Radcliffe a cool £16.6 million, according to Forbes.

But with just two more Potter films to come, and those already filmed, Radcliffe is now embracing life after Harry. He’s filming thriller The Woman In Black and has signed up to three more films.

7. Robert Downey Jr

$22 million

It’s been a good 12 months for Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 2 raked in more than $300 million (£191.7 million) in the US box office, while Sherlock Holmes comfortably topped $200 million (£128 million) and The Soloist more than $30 million (£19 million).

Forbes estimates that his roles in these netted him £14.6 million, making him the seventh best-paid man in Hollywood.

Source: Forbes
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