Top 7 Best MBA Universities in 2011

Last week we published a post regarding the best universities in the world in 2010 (Top 7 Best Universities in the World in 2010) and, as I mentioned in that post, we will publish the ranking for the MBA universities. On this matter, we found the study made by the Financial Times to be very good, once they rank the MBA universities, among other things, using the average salary their students make and the time they need to be employed, once they graduate.

1. London Business School

Ranking in 2010: 1

Ranking in 2009: 1

3 year average rank: 1

Country: UK

Salary total (US$): 146 332

Salary percentage increase: 132

Value for money rank: 57

Career progress rank: 11

Employed at 3 month (%): 91

2. University of Pennsylvania – Wharton

Ranking in 2010: 2

Ranking in 2009: 1

3 year average rank: 1

Country: USA

Salary total (US$): 175 153

Salary percentage increase: 123

Value for money rank: 89

Career progress rank: 33

Employed at 3 month (%): 84

3. Harvard Business School

Ranking in 2010: 3

Ranking in 2009: 3

3 year average rank: 3

Country: USA

Salary total (US$): 170 817

Salary percentage increase: 116

Value for money rank: 87

Career progress rank: 90

Employed at 3 month (%):

4. Insead (tie)

Ranking in 2010: 5

Ranking in 2009: 5

3 year average rank: 5

Country: France / Singapore

Salary total (US$): 147 974

Salary percentage increase: 108

Value for money rank: 4

Career progress rank: 18

Employed at 3 month (%): 82

4. Stanford University GSB (tie)

Ranking in 2010: 4

Ranking in 2009: 6

3 year average rank: 5

Country: USA

Salary total (US$): 182 746

Salary percentage increase: 115

Value for money rank: 98

Career progress rank: 9

Employed at 3 month (%): 92

6. Hong Kong UST Business School

Ranking in 2010: 9

Ranking in 2009: 16

3 year average rank: 10

Country: China

Salary total (US$): 133 334

Salary percentage increase: 142

Value for money rank: 16

Career progress rank: 36

Employed at 3 month (%): 69

7. Columbia Business School

Ranking in 2010: 6

Ranking in 2009: 4

3 year average rank: 6

Country: USA

Salary total (US$): 167 366

Salary percentage increase: 117

Value for money rank: 97

Career progress rank: 17

Employed at 3 month (%): 90

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Top 7 Highest Paid F1 Drivers in 2011

Back in the “golden days” of Michael Schumacher, I read somewhere that he was close to be the first F1 driver to become a billionaire. Now that these “golden days” are gone and that he retired and came back, now that other athletes are more “mediatic” and make lots of money (check our Top 7 Highest Paid Athletes in 2010 post), it would be nice to check how the F1 drivers are doing these days, regarding the amount of money they made. Accordingly to this last week’s issue of Portuguese magazine Auto Hoje, quoting the German sports news agency Sid, here you can find the Top 7 Highest Paid F1 Drivers. Surprisingly and despite he is not doing very much after he came back, Michael Schumacher is still in the top list, but he is not the highest paid driver. For this list, we consider how much they make in total, including salary and sponsors.

1. Fernando Alonso

2011 salary: €28 million

Team: Ferrari

Nationality: Spanish

Date of birth: July 29, 1981

2. Michael Schumacher

2011 salary: €18 million

Team: Mercedes GP

Nationality: German

Date of birth: January 3, 1969

3. Sebastian Vettel (tie)

2011 salary: €15 million

Team: Red Bull Racing

Nationality: German

Date of birth: July 3, 1987

3. Lewis Hamilton (tie)

2011 salary: €15 million

Team: McLaren

Nationality: British

Date of birth: January 7, 1985

5. Felipe Massa

2011 salary: €14 million

Team: Ferrari

Nationality: Brazilian

Date of birth: April 25, 1981

6. Jenson Button

2011 salary: €12 million

Team: McLaren

Nationality: British

Date of birth: January 19, 1980

7. Nico Rosberg

2011 salary: €10 million

Team: Mercedes GP

Nationality: German

Date of birth: June 27, 1985

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Top 7 World’s Most Admired Companies in 2011

This is an already famous list from Fortune magazine. For the 50 most admired companies overall, Fortune’s survey asked businesspeople to vote for the companies that they admired most, from any industry. For 2011, the Most Admired Companies are:

1. Apple

Rank in Computers: 1 (previous rank: 1)

Overall score: 8.16

Why it’s admired:

For the fourth straight year, Apple tops Fortune’s Most Admired list. The company’s blistering pace of new product releases has continued to set the bar high for tech companies across the board.

Apple took a stock hit when iconic CEO Steve Jobs announced in January that he’d be taking a second medical leave, two years after receiving a liver transplant during a six-month sabbatical. But Jobs assured the market in the company’s recent earnings report that Apple was still “firing on all cylinders.”

It certainly appears to be. Apple nearly doubled its quarterly profits vs. a year ago. The iPad 2 was introduced in March, marking the second generation of one of Apple’s milestone product successes. And Jobs made a surprise appearance at the launch.

Another huge move by Apple was the announcement this January that the iPhone 4 would be available from Verizon, offering another option to consumers frustrated with dropped calls on AT&T.

2. Google

Rank in Internet Services and Retailing: 1 (previous rank: 1)

Overall score: 8.22

Why it’s admired:

Google, in second place after Apple, maintains its reign as the king of search. The company is also spreading through its deep dive into devices with its free, open-source operating systems.

Google says that it activates devices loaded with its Android operating system at a rate of over 10 million every month – a number that continues to explode. Outside of devices, the company has seen growth in YouTube, display advertising and even paid enterprise applications.

The other big change for the company comes in the executive suite. CEO Eric Schmidt, who has led the company’s rapid ascent since 2001, will leave the position in April, allowing Google co-founder Larry Page to retake the position he once held in the company’s early days. Back when it was all about search.

3. Berkshire Hathaway

Rank in Insurance (Property and Casualty): 1 (previous rank: 1)

Overall score: 6.88

Why it’s admired:

Berkshire Hathaway maintains its third-place spot this year. CEO Warren Buffett (who recently made our Top 7 Richest People in the World in 2011 list), remains an admired champ, both for his judgments about stocks and for having built a huge operating company besides.

One recent stock-market judgment: Berkshire Hathaway increased its stake in Johnson & Johnson in 2010, from about 28 million shares to around 45 million, despite J&J’s neverending product recalls during the year. In buying, Buffett followed his usual practice of picking up stocks when they’re out-of-favor, betting on them to rise when trouble recedes.

Berkshire’s most dramatic investment in 2010 was its $26 billion purchase of Burlington Northern Santa Fe. The railroad went on to generate more than $1 billion of operating earnings per quarter for Berkshire, making it a large factor in the company’s 2010 increase of 13% in book value.

In Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire investors, he emphasized that American business, despite the economic uncertainties that persist, will continue to thrive. Berkshire, Buffett said, is backing that opinion with cash. “In 2011,” he wrote, “we will set a new record for capital spending – $8 billion – and spend all of the $2 billion increase in the United States.”

4. Southwest Airlines

Rank in Airlines: 3 (previous rank: 4)

Overall score: 6.17

Why it’s admired:

Since it started offering low-cost flights in the 1970s, Southwest Airlines has been a more consistent performer than most airline companies. Recently, airlines in general have been receiving bad press for tacking on fees to compensate for rising fuel prices, but Southwest has remained one of the world’s most admired. Southwest generated strong earnings in its most recent quarter, with profits up 13% from a year earlier. The acquisition of AirTran will give the company more planes and should allow Southwest access to more markets. Southwest is also the third largest airline in the world.

5. Procter & Gamble

Rank in Soaps and Cosmetics: 1 (previous rank: 1)

Overall score: 7.43

Why it’s admired:

Procter & Gamble has incredible reach. It’s the world’s largest consumer-products company, with annual sales around $79 billion.

P&G has a long history of earning the respect of its peers – fifth on the overall list this year, it’s been ranked first in its industry every year it’s been in the survey since 1997.

With commodity prices rising, P&G says it will have to raise prices on some products. But P&G’s products, including Tide, Crest and many other household staples, form a strong foundation to weather volatile prices down the supply chain.

6. Coca Cola

Rank in Beverages: 1 (previous rank: 1)

Overall score: 5.93

Why it’s admired:

When it comes to Coke, consumers still have a sweet tooth. The beverage beast has continued to expand across China, and has earned positive attention for its environmental efforts by conserving water.

CEO Muhtar Kent said in its latest earnings report that Coke “met or exceeded all of our long-term growth targets for both the quarter and the year.”

Coca-Cola also continues to stand as one of the world’s great brands, in a league with corporate giants like Nike and GE.

7. Amazon

Rank in Internet Services and Retailing: 2 (previous rank: 2)

Overall score: 7.95

Why it’s admired:

In December, Amazon announced that the 3G Kindle was its best-selling item ever. The tablet continues to dominate the e-reader market, despite initial fears that Apple’s iPad would be a problem. Now, it seems many people are buying both, to serve different purposes.

In February, CEO Jeff Bezos directly targeted Netflix by offering streaming video to Amazon Prime members. It’s all part an effort to strengthen the allure of this one-stop shop that is already top dog among online retailers.

Meanwhile, Amazon has invested in new technology and continues to see growth. Soon, will begin operating an app store for Android.

Source: Fortune
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Top 7 Best Universities in the World in 2010

After doing some research about this topic, to date it is difficult to find accurate information regarding the worldwide university rank for 2011. Even for 2010, there are some different information for which one was the best university in 2010. After checking some of the ranks and how they measure it, here you can find what I believe is the most reliable ranking for the Top 7 Best Universities in the World in 2010. The MBA University ranking will follow…

1. University of Cambridge

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Cambridge alumni loom large in the making of the modern world: Newton on laws and motion; Rutherford splitting the atom; Darwin on evolution; Turing’s prototypical computer; Crick and Watson with DNA. Founded in 1209 by Oxford scholars who quit after a dispute with the local citizens, Cambridge now employs 8 614 staff and has 18 396 students.

2. Harvard University

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

The oldest academic institute in the US, it dates from 1636 and is named after its first benefactor, John Harvard. It has the global academy’s largest financial endowment and boasts 43 Nobel laureates. Its 210-acre main campus and 23 satellites house 10 faculties and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. It has 2 100 academic staff and 20 000 students.

3. Yale University

Location: New Haven, Connecticut, United States

America’s third-oldest university has nurtured five US presidents and 17 Supreme Court justices. It has a $16.3 billion endowment and 12.5 million books in its 24 libraries. Residential colleges and mascots started here. Its class of 2014 will contain 1 940 students, a record low three-in-40 acceptance rate. It has 11 593 students and 3 619 faculty.

4. UCL (University College London)

Location: London, United Kingdom

To find the best shortcut between any two points on its campus, UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis has designed a handheld Routefinder. Alumni of Britain’s first university to admit women on equal terms include Jonathan Ross, Jonathan Dimbleby, Robert Browning, Jomo Kenyatta and cricketer David Gower. Today, 21 620 students are served by 8 000 staff.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

In 150 years, MIT has produced 73 Nobel laureates, eight of whom are members of its current 1,025-strong faculty. From its 168-acre Charles River campus, 10 300 students are instructed by a total teaching staff of 1 704 in architecture and planning; engineering; humanities, arts and social sciences; management; science; and health sciences and technology.

6. University of Oxford

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

Twenty-six British prime ministers, at least 30 other world leaders, 12 saints and 20 archbishops of Canterbury have been Oxonians. Oxford virtually invented college life in the 13th century. The world’s third-oldest surviving university offers its 12 000 undergraduates a choice of 38 colleges and six permanent private-residence halls.

7. Imperial College London

Location: London, United Kingdom

With an emphasis on research, Imperial has four faculties – medicine, natural science, engineering and business. Founded in 1907 as a constituent college of the University of London, it became independent in 2007. Its main campus in London’s museum quarter and seven others house 1,230 scholars and 13,000 students.

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Top 7 Largest Countries

I’m sure for anyone who is interested in the “Top 7” list, would like to have some information about geography like which are the largest and/or the most populated countries. Taking this into consideration, starting today and from time to time we we will start publishing some post about these topics. For me, the first one will have to be the Top 7 Largest Countries in the World:

7. India

India 1024x768

Area (sqm): 3 287 263

% of total: 2.3%

Population: 1,195 740 000 people

Rank: 2

% of total: 17.3%

6. Australia

Australia 800x534

Area (sqm): 7 692 024

% of total: 5.2%

Population: 22 601 000 people

Rank: 49

% of total: 0.32%

5. Brazil

Brasil 640x480

Area (sqm): 8 514 877

% of total: 5.7%

Population: 190 732 694 people

Rank: 5

% of total: 2.76%

4. China

China 1024x768

Area (sqm): 9 596 961

% of total: 6.4%

Population: 1,341 000 000 people

Rank: 1

% of total: 19.41%

3. United States of America

United States of America 1200x889

Area (sqm): 9 629 091

% of total: 6.5%

Population: 311 047 000 people

Rank: 3

% of total: 4.5%

2. Canada

Canada 1024x768

Area (sqm): 9 984 670

% of total: 6.7%

Population: 34 397 000 people

Rank: 36

% of total: 0.5%

1. Russia

Russia 1024x768

Area (sqm): 17 098 242

% of total: 11.5%

Population: 141 914 509 people

Rank: 9

% of total: 2.05%

Source: Wikipedia,,,

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